Found a job in the Asian Tech Industry?

Are you interested in working or have already been offered a job opportunity in the Japanese tech industry? Or perhaps you are working in the smartphone industry in Seoul? Or maybe you found work with a 3D printing manufacturer in Osaka?

You will need to find a way of communicating with the natives. May be you don’t have enough time or resources to help you attend classes physically. Rocket Japanese Language course is an online resource that will meet your needs quickly and satisfactorily. It is the best course for complete beginners who can study from the comfort of their rooms.

The course has been developed by Rocket Languages which is highly rated for language learning. Apart from Korean, they help people learn many other languages.

Rocket Korean Language course has been in existence since 2004. As such, the experience they have is incomparable to other online courses.

How Rocket Korean Language course works
Their program uses different strategies of teaching to make the learning more effective. You don’t need long hours to practice Korean as they have special features that suit learners that have jobs with just a few hours to spare. If interested, you are offered, six free days of the trial once you register. After that period, you can go ahead and pay for the premium package.

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Rocket Korean Language course does not require any particular devices or knowledge to be able to learn. Once you have internet connection on your computer, tablet or smart phone, you are ready to go.

Japan tech
FILE – In this June 6, 2014 file photo, journalists surround humanoid robot Pepper on display at SoftBank Mobile shop in Tokyo. Japanese mobile carrier Softbank said Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015 it will incorporate artificial intelligence technology from IBM into its empathetic robot Pepper that goes on sale in Japan this month. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara, File)

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Main Features
• Interactive Audio lessons
Audio lessons are straightforward to use and can be listened to on the go. This helps you get started more quickly and establish the building blocks of Korean.

• Mobile App
To start learning on the go, you can download their language app on your iOS or Android device.
• Progress tracker
You can track your progress easily and work on the lessons that give you problems
• Inbuilt pronunciation practice
You can practice the pronunciations by listening to the inbuilt tutor
• Lessons dealing with culture and language
This is very helpful in increasing fluency in the language through grammar and culture.
• Forum
There exists a forum where members can chat with one another as well as with the Rocket Language staff.
• Memory- enhancing tools
This ensures that you do not forget what you have learned.
• Endless Access
You get access to the free trial on selected lessons for as long as you may need.

The main benefits of this course include:
• Before purchasing the course, new learners are given a 6-day free trial to test all the features in it.
• Their audio lessons are straightforward to follow. You can do it in your car, house or anywhere you may like.
• A learner learns the proper pronunciations since the recordings are done by a native,
• The program leaves out no aspect of the Korean language
• Whether you are an audio learner or a visual learner, Rocket Korean caters to you
• Learners can motivate themselves through quizzes, badges, and self-rating.
• The price offered for the premium package is very pocket-friendly compared to other courses.
• The learning is speedy. Within a short time, you can master Korean.
• Materials included are so dynamic, making the learning process very enjoyable.

• Currently, there just a single level available for learners.
• Without an internet connection, you cannot download the audio lessons.

Many other online courses are available promising to help you learn Korean. Rocket Korean language is the best course. Close to 2000 users have given this course a 5-star rating. You can visit their website at and start your journey of learning Korean. The premium package costs only $67. Bonuses are also offered to learners.